All About Cinc and Webaxis

First of all, what is Cinc???

Cinc Systems is our management database that helps organize and manage all of our associations efficiently and correctly. We have been using it for many years and it has greatly improved our service to you. It helps organize all of our Homeowner’s information, accounts, vendors, statements, etc. It is a program that was created for the specific use of Property Management Companies and we are excited to now be using more of Cinc’s features through Webaxis. For more information, visit Cinc’s Website!

So that’s great information about Cinc Systems but what is Cinc Webaxis???
Cinc Webaxis will be your association’s personalized website portal where you will be able to check your account, pay your dues and see what’s going on in your community. It’s primary function is for homeowners to have detailed access to their account, while also allowing the property manager to have better way to communicate with homeowners.

This is just a little snip it of what Webaxis will offer, but we are hoping it will provide more convenience to our homeowners as well as better communication!

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