Best Reasons to Change Your Air Filter

It’s easy to sometimes forget to change your home air filter. However, did you know that regularly changing your filter can help you save money, reduce health risks, and help keep your home clean overall? Energy Star recommends changing your air filter every month, especially during the hot summer months when your AC unit gets a lot of use. If your filter looks dirty after a month, you should probably change it. At a bare minimum, filters should be changed at least every 3 months.

Keep energy costs low.

If you regularly change your air filters, you can actually save up to 15 percent on energy costs for running your AC. Air conditioning units need to have a continuous and forced air flow to do their jobs. When those filters are clogged, the unit has to work harder to keep you cool. This can cause an unwanted spike in your energy bill.

Reduce health risks

Do you or your loved ones suffer from allergies or asthma? Dirty filters can worsen these symptoms. Dust, hair, pollen, dirt, and pet dander if you have a pet will get trapped in the filter with moisture. This can actually build up with bacteria, mold, odors, and allergens that will be blown throughout your home. In turn, you can end up with respiratory infections, sore throats, and sinus infections.

Extend the life of your unit

Not only do air filters keep your house clean, but they also do their job to keep the AC unit clean as well. Homeowners might remove the filter all together during hot summer months to promote better air flow throughout the house. Dust will get sucked into the system to spread through the home and build up on the coils of the unit. This can end up stressing the entire system which means extra repairs, service and parts that you weren’t planning on paying for.

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