How To Quickly Tell How Much Propane You Have Left

As the weather cools down and it becomes more bearable to stand in front of a hot pit, hungry folks with propane grills may want to keep this handy trick in mind.

Some propane grills come equipped with a scale to measure the amount of propane in your tank. However, not everyone has this luxury on their grill. Worry not, all you will need is some warm water to ensure that you can make it through your next grill session and fill some hungry bellies.

If you don't have a scale don't worry!
If you don’t have a scale don’t worry!

To vaguely estimate how much propane is left in that tank of yours, first turn off the gas and unhook the tank from the grill. Get a hold of a cup or bowl of warm water ready to slowly pour down the side of the tank. The propane inside of the tank will actually absorb the heat. After pouring the water, you should be able to feel a part of the tank that is ultimately cooler than the rest where the warm water was poured. If the tank is warm that means there is air. Cool = propane / warm = air.

It should be noted that this isn’t necessarily a failsafe method but it should give grill masters an idea of whether they will be safe to throw something on the BBQ or if they should go ahead and grab a fresh tank.


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