GNO Property Management


GNO Property Management, LLC Services Outline:

  •  Full service property management services to the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan area and its surrounding communities
  • Homeowner Association (HOA) management, Condominium and Townhouse Community management.

Financial Services

  • Assessment collections

Prepare all billings and process all assessment dues promptly into an insured trust account. Special assessment/reserve accounts will be maintained as directed by the association Board of Directors

  •  Process Delinquent Accounts:

Manage all late fees and assessments as needed- submit monthly report to the Board of Directors.

  •  Monthly Bills

Process all monthly expenditures based on approved payment schedule and provide a detailed (itemized billing) report each month to the association Treasurer.


Labor Procurement:
Preferred vendor/ labor list will be complied by GNO Property Management, LLC. This will be accomplished by meeting with owners/presidents of service companies to establish a relationship. With more associations being formed, the preferred vendors will have to respond in a timely manner to remain our preferred vendor.

Minor maintenance (changing light bulbs, adjusting a door, maintaining supplies on site) can be performed by manager, This work will be charged accordingly.


Member Services: 

  •  Maintain member directory, 24 hour emergency contact, assist with establishing association committees.
  •  One contact number for all services; plumbing, roofing, landscaping, etc.


Property Services:

  •  Maintenance and inspections

Manager will inspect and be on site on a bi-weekly basis or as contracted/needed to evaluate contractor performance (pool, landscaping)

Manager will inspect property for violations, inspection of lighting or community equipment and report findings to Board.

  •  Covenant Enforcement

Manager will prepare letters and enforce covenants, collect modification requests make recommendations to the Board of Directors.

  •  Bidding/ Contracting

Management will prepare a preferred vendors list and will prepare 3 or more bids required by the Board, for landscaping, pool, gates, etc. Submit bids to Board for approval and ensure service is carried out.

  •  Work Orders

Manager will prepare and coordinate work orders.


Organizational Services:

  •  Organize meetings

Select location, prepeare agenda and all other necessary documents for the meeting, and notify all residents of meeting as required in the By-laws.

  •  Board Meetings

Manager to attend as agreed by contract. Prepare meeting agendas.

  •  Records/ Files

Maintain all files and association records on site (financials, correspondence,       insurance, etc)

  •  Serve as Registered Agent
  •  Monthly management report

Distribute to the board once a month- include list of correspondence letters, violations, performed maintenance, and membership requests.

  •  Coordinate Professional Services

Select and verify, submit to Board.

  •  Lien Filings

Coordinate with assigned legal counsel- with necessary documentation as directed by the Board.

  •  Insurance

Maintain insurenace policies for the associations and Board of Directors.

Keep insurance documentation on file for all vendors.

  •  Financial Reports

Prepare monthly financial reports for the Board of Directors.

  •  Annual Budget

Assist Board of Directors in preparing annual budget for associations.

  •  Taxes

Pay all URS, state and local taxes for associations.

  •  Cash Management of Accounts (Operating and Reserves)

Manage reserve accounts and operating accounts- provide monthly, quarterly and annual reports.

  •  Capital Reserves

Assist Board in determining amount of funds needed each year to perform replacement/repair of association property.