Spring Cleaning Time!

Summer is approaching fast and all you know is that your house is NOT ready for all the summer parties! Where do you start? What’s the best way to attack cleaning your home? Some enjoy deep cleaning, (which kudos to you!), and some prefer to do anything else than clean! Here are some easy and simple tasks that you can do that will spruce up your home.

  1. Clean your windows on a cloudy day! Take an afternoon to clean off the pollen that has accumulated on your windows. When its sunny, the cleaner tends to dry too fast, leaving unwanted streaks! Cleaning your windows doesn’t take up too much time and can brighten up your house!
  2. Rent a deep cleaner for your carpets! It’s amazing to see how much dirt can accumulate over the months…just showing you how much your carpets need the cleaning!
  3. With the sunny days of Summer approaching, dirt and smudges on your light fixtures will become more prominent. Take 30 minutes to walk around your house and wipe down all your light fixtures!
  4. Clean out your gutters! This is a great thing to check off the list on a Saturday!
  5. Organize your pantry…and get rid of all that unmatched Tupperware! This may be the most rewarding task to get done since you will see it the most. An organized pantry is a happy one! Especially if you’re planning to host parties over the Summer. Along with the pantry, we all know the drawer full of unmatched Tupperware that we plan to go through “one day”. Well today is that day! Schedule to do it on a day, and get it done! Clear out that space so that you are ready for the craziness of Summer!
  6. Check your outside faucets and sprinklers. It’s nice to know that your outside hoses and sprinklers are working properly and can be used before Summer starts!

These are just a few ideas to keep in mind as we all venture into Summer! With Louisiana Summer’s being the scorchers that they are, wouldn’t it be nice to be ahead of the Season and get your home ready before its 100 degrees outside?

If you are a new homeowner, take a look at these tips!

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