The Benefits of GNO Property Management, LLC.

When a community Association hires GNO Property Management to assist with the day to day operations for their community, they are hiring a team that is well established and experienced in the field of Association Management. The owners of GNO have a combined 55 years of management experience and the supporting staff and managers have a combined 43 years of experience in their respective roles. With this experience, our goal is to promote unity in your community while allowing the volunteers to enjoy dedicating their time to the community.

The GNO team takes a proactive approach to management; addressing minor issues when they are first noticed to prevent them from becoming major problems that will ultimately consume more time and association funds to correct and repair. Unfortunately, most of the communities that are self-managed or improperly managed experience a significant amount of deferred maintenance; in these situations, GNO will first help the association prioritize and properly budget for a solution to their maintenance issues.

As soon as the outstanding maintenance needs are taken care of, GNO will assist these communities to plan for the future so that they many never fall behind on their maintenance responsibilities again. We do this by properly budgeting for routine and scheduled maintenance and establishing a financial reserve account to be saved for emergencies or major repairs and improvements.

GNO managers work directly with the Association Board of Directors, but must always represent the best interest of all of the residents of the community they are managing. The relationship between the Board and manager is critical to the well-being of the community. It is a relationship of trust and is established with a system of “Ends and Means”. The Association Board makes the decisions on what they want to accomplish during the year or during their tenure (the “Ends”), and the manager provides the options and solutions to meet these goals (the “Means”). GNO does not have the authority to make decisions without the prior approval of the Board of Directors.

GNO is tasked with the enforcements of the Covenants, Codes and Restrictions (CCR’s), and to do this efficiently, we have a Covenant Enforcement Manager. This manager visits the communities twice a month or as directed by the Association Board, and notifies any residents who are in violation of the covenants. The Covenants Manager will work directly with the homeowners to advise them how to come into compliance.

GNO is capable of saving their managed Associations money due to the economies of scale; we currently manage over 60 associations, representing more than 7,000 homeowners. In most cases, GNO works directly with a list of preferred vendors who have performed their services for our customers for multiple years. These preferred vendors have learned that Associations operate with a limited maintenance budget; this improves the bidding and contract negotiation procedures, as the rates remain more competitive.

On the administrative side of the business, GNO collects the Association dues (A/R), processes payments for all Association invoices (A/P), and assists the Association Boards and Committees with their policies and procedures. These include the Architectural Control/Review Committee (ACC or ARC), clubhouse or amenity reservations where applicable, and automated gate programming where applicable. GNO also assists in the review and renewal of insurance policies, and handles any insurance claims on behalf of the Association.

As Association Board members change from one year to the next, the team at GNO will remain the constant for the Association. This way, the goals of the community can be met year after year, and the quality of life can remain at its optimum level.


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